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Hej Howdy takes a bold approach to modern living with glass as an essential part of the home. Rooted in Texan and Scandinavian backgrounds, we create objects that unify an enduring aesthetic, functionality, and craftsmanship with a big expression. Hej Howdy’s work is process of sustainable practices and materials to produce handmade and unique pieces. We embody a free-spirited positive approach to our designs and at the same time, place great emphasis on lighting.



Jeff Schneider and Kaelea Ann Sim Sand are kindred spirits from West Texas and met while attending Texas Tech University, but lost touch over the years. Coincidentally (and a few instagram DMs later) the two were reconnected after 20 years while Kaelea was visiting family in Texas. After touring Jeff’s glass studio in Austin and wanting to create something to keep one foot planted in her roots, Kaelea had an idea on the airplane back to her home in Denmark, so the two joined creative forces and Hej Howdy was born! 


Hej Howdy is proudly 100% made in the Texas. The handblown glass is achieved with a high-tech, hands-on process by Jeff, and Kaelea leads color and graphic design as well as brand voice and social media/marketing functions. The two initiated the brand Hej Howdy together in 2020 and continue to work together across the pond.

“Østers” or the “Oyster” is the first lamp in our collection.

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